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2013 Mercedes M-Class Trailer Hitch - 5000lb

2013 Mercedes M-Class Trailer Hitch - 5000lb 166-310-01-95

Trailer Hitch - 5000lb

Class III hitch - 5,000lbs tow capacity - Wiring harness included. - No SAM change required. WIS # AN31.10-P-8080GQ - Additional Parts Required: A1664700181 (bracket). This is NOT INCLUDED in the hitch kit and MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY - Gas vehicles, the install requires two (2) brackets. - Bluetec, the install requires one (1) bracket. - Brackets are not provided in the kit, but four (4) extra nuts to secure the brackets are included. - WIS instructions for installing detachable components for this retrofit (AN31.11-P-8080-05GQ) lists, for step 4, to fasten assembly plates. The `assembly plates` are the brackets. Included in Kit / Qty for install / Description: A1663100118 / 1 / Long Member A1663100218 / 1 / Long Member A1663101137 / 1 / Cross Member A1663150065 / 1 / Elastomer Fitting A1664407013 / 1 / Wiring Harness A1665404410 / 1 / Wiring Harness A2469005501 / 1 / Control Unit N000000003275 / 8 / Nut N000000003749 / 2 / Screw N000000006409 / 4 / Bolt N000000006964 / 4 / Bolt WIS instructions are under review in Germany (for clarification of installing brackets) We have requested brackets be included in the kit going forward. Until this is confirmed by Germany, the brackets must be ordered separately.
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