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2014 Mercedes C-Class Coupe Illuminated Star

2014 Mercedes C-Class Coupe Illuminated Star Q-6-88-0128

Illuminated Star

Illumination of the central star via optical fiber LED technology - activated via vehicle key fob BQ6880128 includes three (3) separate parts. A2078170416 Mercedes Star A1669002808 Control Unit A2078200013 Wiring Harness There are four (4) preconditions for Star functionality - Exterior Lighting Switch needs to be set to Auto - `Surround lighting` must be operational (via instrument cluster) - Must be dark (for lighting sensor) - Engine Off Functionality: - After unlocking with the key; the Star will be illuminated for 40 seconds - If any door is opened, the Star will stay illuminated for total of 5 minutes - If doors are closed, the Star turns off - If vehicle is started, the Star turns off - After driving and parking, the Star will be illuminated for 60 seconds after the engine is switched off - Full-time illumination (while driving) is under investigation - Illumination color: White - Not for vehicles with Distronic/Distronic Plus
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